Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

The ‘Owned’ and ‘Rented’ equipment policies cover the following equipment:

  • cameras
  • camera equipment
  • sound equipment
  • lighting equipment
  • grip equipment
  • communications equipment
  • portable electric equipment
  • editing and projection equipment
  • office personal property
  • generators
  • mechanical effects equipment
  • props
  • sets
  • wardrobes
  • dance equipment
  • similar personal property
  • related production equipment.

The ‘Musical’ equipment policies cover the following equipment:

  • musical instruments
  • recording equipment
  • editing equipment
  • similar personal property and related musical equipment

What equipment is not covered?

  • Buildings, Vehicles, Aircraft, Watercraft, Motorcycles, Jewelry (including some costume jewelry), Gold, Silver, Platinum, Furs, Accounts, Bills, Deeds, Currency, Evidences of Debt, Letters or Credit, Passports, Documents, Money, Notes, Securities, Credit Cards, Tickets purchased for travel, Animals or growing plants, any exposed or unexposed, Developed film or Tape, Valuable Papers and Records
  • Farm Equipment
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Other non production or musical equipment