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Camera Equipment Insurance

What is camera equipment insurance?

Whether you're a professional photographer or an avid enthusiast, your camera gear can be quite valuable. It’s both essential to your photographing and is undoubtedly worth a tidy sum. Purchasing camera equipment insurance may help ensure you can replace your gear should something happen to it.

Camera equipment insurance provides specialized coverage for cameras and related photography gear. Coverage against various causes of theft, damage and loss is available for most gear.

Who should consider camera gear insurance?

Camera gear insurance isn't limited to a certain category of photographers. Any individual who has made substantial investments in their equipment should consider a camera insurance policy. For many, coverage makes sense when the cumulative value of gear is in the four or five figures.

Some examples of photographers who frequently purchase camera gear insurance include:

  • Landscape and wildlife photographers
  • Portrait and wedding photographers
  • Product and commercial photographers
  • Sports and event photographers
  • Fashion photographers
  • Underwater photographer specialists
  • Photojournalists
  • Hobbyists

In addition to professionals who work in these fields, avid enthusiasts might also purchase camera gear insurance if they’ve invested a lot in their gear. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help professionals and enthusiasts alike determine weather camera gear insurance makes sense for them.

Camera Equipment Insurance

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Camera Equipment Insurance

What equipment can camera gear policies cover?

Camera gear policies are available for most types of photography equipment. In addition to covering cameras (mirrorless, DSLRs, etc.), policies might also cover:

  • Lenses and lens filters (IS lenses, telephoto lenses, macro lenses, etc.)
  • Flashes (speed lights, monolights, pack-and-head lights, etc.)
  • Other lighting gear (LED lights, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Props (portable backdrops, staging props, handheld props, etc.)
  • Cards and batteries (memory cards, card readers, camera batteries, etc.)
  • Stabilizers (tripods, monopods, etc. )
  • Underwater housing
  • Other gear as outlined within the policy’s terms

If there’s any question as to whether a policy will cover specific equipment, photographers can review a policy’s coverages with an insurance agent who’s specialized in camera gear coverage.

How does camera insurance handle expensive gear?

Camera gear policies usually have an unscheduled limit, which normally covers all cheaper gear up to a maximum amount for everything. For instance, a policy might have an unscheduled limit of $25,000.

Expensive gear may have to be listed, or part of the policy’s schedule. Schedule limits are item-specific, and allow photographers to insure highly valuable cameras and equipment for specific amounts. A policy might cover a camera for $5,000 and another for $7,500, for instance.

Owned gear must be valued above $2,000 to be listed on the policy schedule.

Are used and older camera equipment covered?

Yes, used and older camera equipment can usually be insured. Any claim payout for this gear would likely be on the lower end, given that used and older camera equipment has depreciated in value. An unscheduled limit might cover these items well, though.

Camera Equipment Insurance

How much does insuring camera equipment cost?

The premiums charged for camera gear policies are based on multiple factors, and thus insurance costs can vary. The value of the camera equipment being insured is one of the main factors that influence premiums, although there are others. For example, adding on coverage for theft from an unlocked vehicle may increase the premium.

Many photographers are surprised at how affordable insurance can be, even though premiums can vary. For just a few hundred dollars annually, a policy may insure many thousands of dollars in equipment.

You can see just how much insurance for your equipment will cost by getting a custom quote online.

Where can photographers get camera equipment insurance?

If you're a photographer looking for a robust insurance policy for your equipment, check the coverages that we at Insure My Equipment offer. You can see coverage terms when getting a quote for a camera equipment insurance policy, and you can purchase the policy directly through our website if the coverages meet your needs.

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