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Musician Insurance

What is musician insurance?

Being a professional musician requires a substantial investment in a high-quality instrument (or several), and that investment ought to be protected when possible. Musician insurance may be able to help protect that investment, by protecting your valuable instrument against a variety of perils.

Musician insurance provides specialized insurance coverage for musicians. Specifically, policies usually offer extensive protection for instruments and other equipment.

Who should consider purchasing music insurance?

Most professional musicians should consider the protections that music insurance offers. This includes both full-time and part-time musicians who have paid performances. Some examples of people who might find the coverage helpful include:

  • Professional band members and solo performers
  • Part-time musicians and band members
  • Recording artists

Music teachers, music schools and recording studios might also find that these policies meet their insurance needs well.

Musician Insurance

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Musician Insurance

What can be covered under music insurance?

Music insurance usually covers instruments first and foremost. Instrument coverage is available for most types of musical instruments, and often extends to accessories as well. It may protect:

  • Stringed instruments (e.g., guitars, violins, cellos)
  • Wind instruments (e.g., flutes, clarinets, saxophones)
  • Percussion instruments (e.g., drums, cymbals)
  • Keyboards and pianos
  • Electronic equipment (e.g., synthesizers, mixers, amplifiers)
  • Associated accessories (e.g., stands, cases, pedals)

Do musician policies provide any liability coverage?

While not a standard feature, musician policies sometimes can include general liability coverage. This may protect a musician if they're responsible for a basic accident that injures someone, damages someone's instrument, or otherwise causes property damage.

What risks do music policies protect against?

Musician policies can protect against a wide range of potential threats. These often include the following risks and others:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Damage during transport
  • Accidental damage

The extent to which these risks are covered will depend on the specific terms and conditions of your policy. An insurance agent who's well-versed in musician policies can provide details about a policy's protections.

Musician Insurance

Does homeowners or renters insurance cover musical equipment?

While homeowners or renters insurance may provide some coverage for musical equipment, it may not be sufficient, especially for professional use or for high-value equipment. Professionals' instruments are frequently excluded from a homeowner's personal property protection, and an expensive instrument's value might exclude a policy's instrument-specific coverage.

For these reasons, professional musicians often need a separate musician policy if their instruments are to be fully insured.

Do musician policies cover equipment when traveling?

Most musician policies offer protection beyond a musician's home or studio, covering instruments and equipment when they are transported or used at different locations. 

Our policies include worldwide coverage, with the exception of Countries currently under sanctions by the US State Department, so you can be confident that you're covered when traveling.

How much does music insurance cost?

The premiums charged for musician policies largely depend on the value of the equipment to be insured. Naturally, the higher the value, the higher the premium is likely to be. Other factors, such as the location and whether general liability coverage is needed, also come into play.

Because so multiple factors influence premiums, there's not one set amount that every musician pays for their insurance. Instead, musicians should request a customized quote to see how much insurance will be for their particular situation.

Where can musicians get musician insurance?

If you're a musician in need of specialized insurance, consider the musician insurance policies that we at Insure My Equipment have. You can request a quote, review a policy, and purchase coverage all through our website, or reach out to an agent if you have a particular question before getting coverage. We're here to help you in whatever way we might, so you can be well-protected when performing.

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