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DJ Equipment Insurance

What is DJ equipment insurance?

Whether you’re a major professional DJ or do gigs part-time, purchasing high-end turntables, mixers, controllers and speakers isn’t cheap. If you’ve made substantial investments in this type of equipment, purchasing DJ equipment insurance could help protect your gear and investment.

DJ equipment insurance offers tailored coverage for the gear that DJs use. Insurance is available for most of the equipment that DJs use, and can protect against a variety of risks.

Who should consider purchasing DJ gear insurance?

Most professional DJs can benefit from the protections that DJ gear insurance provides. Full-time and part-time DJs alike might want coverage. For example, any of the following individuals or businesses may purchase a policy:

  • Professional DJs who do multiple events each week
  • Part-time DJs who do a few local events each month
  • Wedding DJs who focus on wedding receptions
  • DJ rental companies
  • Music venues and clubs

Individuals who DJ events for fun typically don’t have as much invested in their gear, and thus may not need a DJ gear policy. Policies are available if their gear is valuable enough to necessitate a specific insurance policy, though.

DJ Equipment Insurance

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DJ Equipment Insurance

What types of equipment can be insured through DJ gear insurance policies?

DJ gear insurance can cover a broad range of gear, often including equipment such as:

  • DJ Controllers and mixers
  • Turntables and CDJs
  • Laptop computers 
  • Audio interfaces
  • Amplifiers and speakers
  • Microphones and headphones
  • Lighting and stage effects
  • Accessories such as stands, cases, and cables

An insurance agent specializing in DJ equipment policies can provide more detailed information about what types of equipment would be covered by a particular policy.

What risks do DJ gear policies protect against?

DJ gear policies provide protection against a variety of risks that could cause substantial damage to or total loss of the insured equipment. Covered risks may include:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Flood and water damage
  • Accidental damage

Do DJ policies cover accidental damage?

Protecting against accidents is especially important when using equipment in high-energy situations, and when you’re constantly taking equipment to and from locations. 

Our policies cover accidental damage, and that coverage extends worldwide. Our musical instrument policy covers equipment while in use, storage or transit, including while being transported in a vehicle, airplane or train.

An insurance agent who knows these policies well will likely be able to help DJs find a policy that will indeed protects against bumps, drops and other accidents.

DJ Equipment Insurance

Does DJ gear insurance cover equipment when it’s in other countries?

Should DJs ever perform events in other countries, they should first make sure their gear will be protected for the duration of the trip.

Our policies include worldwide coverage, with the exception of Countries currently under sanctions by the US State Department.

An experienced insurance agent can work with DJs to make sure their equipment will be insured even when traveling out of the country.

How much does it cost to insure DJ equipment?

The cost of insuring DJ equipment can vary, primarily depending on the total value of the equipment being insured. Other factors, such as type of coverage chosen and primary location, may also influence the cost. To get an accurate estimate of potential costs, DJs can request a personalized quote based on their particular details.

Where can DJs get DJ equipment insurance?

If you need insurance for DJ equipment, get a quote from Insure My Equipment. We offer easy-to-access policies that can be reviewed and purchased directly through our site, and we also have agents who can answer any questions you might have about DJ equipment insurance. With our assistance, you can be sure that your gear is well protected.

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“IME is user-friendly, providing an efficient process to get things done. Whenever I’ve had questions on policy, or just needed coverage advice, their rep not only responded to my questions quickly and accurately but took the time to offer extra helpful advice and direction on some more involved issues.”

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