Film Equipment Rental Insurance

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Film Equipment Rental Insurance

What is film equipment rental insurance?

Renting film equipment comes with being responsible for the gear. Should equipment be lost or damaged while in a videographer’s possession, the videographer could be held responsible for replacement or repair expenses. To better mitigate this risk, videographers can get film equipment rental insurance when renting gear.

Film equipment rental insurance is specifically for times when videography equipment is rented. It normally covers the rented equipment against loss, damage, and theft.

Who should consider film gear rental insurance?

Anyone who’s renting videography equipment should consider film gear rental insurance. Businesses, independent professionals, students and hobbyists all may purchase the coverage.

Businesses and freelancers might need coverage when renting specialized equipment for a particular shoot, or if the business model is such that rented equipment is always used. Students and hobbyists might get coverage if renting gear for making their own films.

How long do film equipment rental policies last?

The duration of film equipment rental coverage is highly flexible, and can be tailored to match a specific project’s duration. Policies may cover anywhere from a few days to a full year depending on needs.

Film Equipment Rental Insurance

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Film Equipment Rental Insurance

What type of equipment can film gear rental insurance cover?

Film gear rental insurance generally offers coverage for a variety of videography gear. A policy’s terms might extend coverage to:

  • DSLR video cameras
  • Sports and action video cameras
  • 360-degree video cameras
  • Low-light and night-vision video cameras
  • Underwater video cameras

Accessories such as lenses, lighting, sound equipment and other items are usually covered too.

What risks does film gear rental insurance protect against?

Film gear rental policies can likewise protect against a variety of risks that could result in video camera damage or loss. Some commonly covered risks include:

  •  Theft
  • Fire and smoke
  • Wind, hail and other weather
  • Water damage
  • Damage occurring when in-transit

An insurance agent who specializes in film gear policies can check what a particular policy’s terms cover. Specific coverages can vary from one policy to another.

Film Equipment Rental Insurance

Do film equipment rental policies protect against accidental damage?

Many film equipment rental policies provide protection against accidental damage, but the coverage isn’t included in every policy.

Since video cameras are often used in situations where damage could occur, such as busy studios or outdoor settings, finding a policy that does provide accidental damage coverage is generally recommended. A knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with finding a policy.

Do film equipment rental policies cover gear when traveling internationally?

Coverage for traveling internationally isn’t included in all film equipment rental policies. Some might offer the coverage as a standard protection, some as an optional feature, and some not at all. Additionally, travel throughout North America and elsewhere could be treated differently. policy coverage extends world wide, so you can travel with confidence, knowing your equipment is protected.

How much do film gear rental policies cost?

Several factors influence the cost of film gear rental coverage, including the value of the rented equipment, rental duration, and the specific risks covered. Given the customizability of these policies, however, costs can be kept affordable by getting only the protections needed.

Many videographers are surprised by just how affordable coverage for a project’s equipment can be.

Where can filmmakers get film equipment rental insurance?

If you're in the process of renting film equipment and require insurance, specialized policies are available from Insure My Equipment. Use the website to customize and purchase coverage, or contact one of our independent insurance agents with any questions about film equipment rental insurance. We’ll help you make sure any rented equipment is protected while you’re using it.

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