Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

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Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

What is camera equipment rental insurance?

Renting camera equipment, whether for professional or hobbyist pursuits, involves taking on responsibility for the gear during the rental period. Any damage, loss or theft of the equipment could incur significant costs. To help mitigate such risks, photographers may get camera equipment rental insurance when renting gear. 

Camera equipment rental insurance offers specialized coverage tailored for rented cameras and accessories. Policies usually protect against various causes of damage or loss.

Who should consider renting camera gear and getting insurance?

Most professional photographers and photography businesses should have camera gear rental insurance when renting equipment. So too might hobbyists and students who rent high-end gear.

Professionals undoubtedly have their own equipment, but they still might rent gear in certain situations. If a camera breaks, a shoot requires specialized equipment, or they want to try new gear, renting and corresponding rental insurance can make a lot of sense.

Hobbyists sometimes rent camera gear for special trips, such as once-in-a-lifetime vacations, destination trips, and photography classes at other locals. Students sometimes can use school cameras, but they might want a more specialized camera or a non-school camera for summer.

Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

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Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

How long does camera gear rental insurance last?

Camera gear rental policies are highly adaptable, with durations that can be tailored to individual needs. They may be set for short periods of a few days, or extended to cover up to a full year. 

Whether you're renting equipment for a specific event, a short-term project, a trip or a long assignment, you can adjust the duration of your insurance policy accordingly.

What gear can camera equipment rental policies cover?

Camera gear rental policies tend to be comprehensive, covering a wide array of gear. They generally cover most items a photographer might need to rent, with most protecting:

  • DSLR cameras
  • Underwater cameras
  • Sports, telephoto and macro cameras
  • Other specialized cameras
  • Lenses and filters
  • Lighting equipment
  • Memory cards
  • Other gear as specified
Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

What risks do camera gear rental policies protect against?

Camera gear rental insurance offers protection against a range of risks. Depending on a policy’s terms, it may protect against perils such as:

  • Theft
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Severe weather
  • Water damage
  • Auto accidents

Do camera equipment rental policies protect against accidental damage?

Many camera gear rental policies do protect against accidental damage, but not all will.

This coverage is especially important for photographers operating outside of a studio, in situations where equipment is more susceptible to accidental damage, but it’s still something that all photographers might want to talk with a specialized agent about. An agent who knows camera gear rental insurance well will be able to help find a policy that does provide this coverage, if the coverage is required.

Do camera equipment rental policies cover gear when traveling internationally?

Coverage for overseas travel with rented gear varies by policy. While many policies offer this coverage, those typically exclude war zones. And, some policies don’t have any international coverage. If international travel insurance is necessary, it's important to select a policy that clearly includes this protection. policy coverage extends world wide, so you can travel with confidence, knowing your equipment is protected.

How much does it cost to insure rented camera equipment?

The cost of camera gear rental insurance is based on several factors. Because coverage can be customized so much, however, insurance tends to be quite affordable.

Where can photographers get camera equipment rental insurance?

If you’re renting photography equipment and in need of camera equipment insurance, you can find out just how affordable through the Insure My Equipment website. Customize a quote for the equipment you’re renting, and the camera equipment rental insurance policy can be set up for the day you begin renting gear.

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