Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

Through our partnership with Thimble we are able to offer you episodic, affordable and instant General Liability Coverage. Apply here.

If you have questions about your general liability policy that we can’t help with, you may call Thimble Support at 855-940-4525

General Liability Policy Information

  • The policy has the following limits:
    • $1 million per occurrence
    • $2 million generate aggregate
    • $100,000 damage to rented premises (3rd party property damage)
    • Includes a ‘Waiver of Subrogation’
    • Offered by Markel Insurance A.M. best rated A insurance carrier
  • The policy can be purchased for as short as a few hours, or on a monthly basis
    • There is 60 day minimum within Texas
    • There is a 24 hour minimum in North Dakota
    • There is an annual minimum in New York
    • Coverage is not offered in Washington
  • The policy applies within the United States only, and does not apply internationally

Apply for a General Liability Policy

  • Go to and Login
  • Click ‘Get a Quote’, then click ‘General Liability.  Or, Click here.
  • Enter your business zip code.
  • Enter the type of work.
    • For example, videographer, photographer, DJ, Film production,  film shoot, movie shoot, film editor, etc.
  • Decide whether you want to add personal business property up to $5,000.
    • You will likely select NO because your equipment is already insured with your owned/rented equipment policy
  • Click CONTINUE after reviewing the policy language.
  • Review the monthly quote.
    • If you wish for a short term policy click “short-term policies” at the top.
  • Select your start and end date, then ‘View Policy’.
  • Decide whether to add additional crew members or click “Nope, Just me!”
  • Review your Quote!
  • Before purchase, add your rental house, venue or location as additional insured by clicking the link at the top, ‘Add Additional Insureds’
  • After clicking ‘Add Additional Insureds’, type in the company name as described below:
    • Additional Insured Name: Rental House ABC
    • Additional Insured Email:
    • Certificate Holder:
    • Rental House ABC,
    • 123 Production Lane
    • Los Angeles, CA 94591
    • – Add Description of Operations only if requested.
  • Click Save, then ‘Signup + Purchase.”

Please Note: This general liability policy does not include non-owned/hired auto liability, worker’s compensation or an umbrella liability. The limits will not exceed $1M per occurrence, $2M general aggregate & $100,000 3rd party property.