Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

The ‘Rented Equipment’ policy is intended to insure production equipment rented from a third party, such as a rental house, company or individual owner.

Apply here.

Rented Equipment Policy Information

  • Policy terms are Short-Term (start at one day), or Annual Term
  • Design a custom policy by selecting your total Rented Equipment limit, deductibles and additional coverage on the application
  • Access to generate Certificates of Insurance, free of charge
  • Applies worldwide*
  • Covers all common causes of loss including theft, fire, earthquake, flood, acts of terrorism, smoke, water damage, falling objects, equipment in transit, lightning, explosion, windstorm, hail & accidental damages.

Apply for a Rented Equipment Policy

  • Navigate to and click ‘Get A Quote’ then ‘Rented Equipment’
  • Complete the Applicant Info page
    • ‘Policyholder’ must be yourself of your business (not the rental house)
    • Write N/A if you do not have an answer for any of the ‘Additional Verification’ questions
  • Review and accept all terms on the ‘Policy Requirements’ page
  • Complete the ‘Underwriting Information’ page
    • Pick Short-Term or Annual Term.
    • Note: You can always go back to generate a new quote once you have saved your current quote
  • Complete the ‘Insurance Coverage’ page
  • Select your pick up and drop off dates.
    • Note: The policy will expire at 12:01AM on the expiration date.
  • Select your Deductibles an Coverages
  • Add a rental house partner as a certificate holder
    • If the company you are working with is already listed in the drop-down menu, you may select their company name and immediately upon purchase, a COI will be generated and delivered to them.
    • If your rental house is not listed, or you are renting from an individual, you will have an opportunity to generate COIs after purchase
  • Review your quote!
  • Click ‘Save Quote’ to access it later,
  • ‘Make Edits’ to alter your application and produce a new quote
  • ‘Proceed to Payment’ when you’re ready to check out and start generating insurance certificates.

*Coverage does not currently apply in any countries being sanctioned by the US State Department.