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Benefits of Partnering with

Partnering with offers numerous advantages for rental houses:

1. Exposure: Your company will be prominently listed on our dedicated Rental House Partners page, increasing visibility among potential customers.

2. Simplicity: Clients can conveniently purchase coverage online at any time. After purchase, they can select your company from our drop-down menu, ensuring that Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are generated quickly and accurately.

3. Easy Verification: Your team can verify COIs online at any time, streamlining administrative processes.

4. Affordability: We provide highly competitive rates in the insurance marketplace. Each new partner receives a unique discount code for use at checkout, enhancing affordability for your clients.

5. Customizability: Our coverage options are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor policies to fit specific needs. From policy duration and coverage limits to deductibles and additional coverage such as general liability, our platform offers comprehensive solutions.

6. Safety and Coverage: Our insurance coverage is comprehensive and robust, offering all-risk, worldwide protection. This includes coverage for common causes of loss such as accidental damage, theft, water damage, fire, wind, and more. Equipment is covered whether in use, storage, or transit.

7. Thorough Vetting: We employ a rigorous multi-point vetting protocol to ensure reliability and security. First-time customers undergo Stripe Verification, enhancing trust and minimizing risk.

Partnering with not only simplifies insurance processes but also enhances credibility and accessibility for your rental house. To explore partnership opportunities or learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

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