Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

An insurance claim is a formal request from a policyholder to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event.

 If it is approved, the insurance company will issue payment to the insured or an approved interested party on behalf of the insured.

Reporting a Claim

  • Submit your claim as soon as possible
  • Submit by logging in at Click on your policy dashboard and click ‘Submit a Claim’. Complete your claim form.
  • Within 72 hours of your claim submission, an adjuster will be assigned to your claim. They will reach out to you by phone and email


In order to submit your claim, you will need the following:

  • Online Claim Form
  • Detailed list of equipment subject to claim (including make, model, serial number and replacement cost)
  • If the claim involves criminal activity (theft, burglary, etc.), you will be required to obtain a police report

For ‘owned equipment’ claims only:

  • Original Purchase or acquisition invoice, or proof of purchase
  • Replacement cost estimates or repair invoices

For ‘rented equipment’ claims only: 

  • Signed Rental Invoice, front and back
  • Repair Invoices
  • Certificates of Insurance (from your dashboard at

Additional Information

  • If the claim incident involves theft burglary, robbery or other illegal or criminal act, you are required to promptly report the matter to the police and obtain a valid police report
  • If the claim incident involves forcible break into a vehicle, submit photograph(s) illustrating the damage to the vehicle caused by forced entry
  • If the claim incident occurs while equipment is in transit (car, plane, train) while in the custody of a courier, written notice of claim should be filed with the carrier as soon as loss or damage becomes known
  • Keep in mind, the insurance company may require additional documentation, activities or procedures. The insurance company pay determine further investigation is required and may assign an investigator to assist in determining the nature, cause and extend of loss or damage
  • In the event of loss or damage, you are obligated to safeguard the equipment and if practicable, take necessary steps to protect the equipment from further loss or damage. Failure to safeguard damaged goods or otherwise mitigate the loss may prejudice your rights under the policy.