Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

Your policy is comprehensive and covers most common causes of loss. You can rest assured while using your equipment, knowing it is protected.

However this insurance policy does have exclusions it is important to note.

Please see your policy document for an expansive list of exclusions.

The following exclusions are not covered by your policy:

  • Rented equipment only:
    • Items valued above $150,000 that are not individually scheduled
  • Owned equipment only:
    • Items valued above $2,000 that are not individually scheduled
    • Equipment out for rent if policyholder makes more than 25% of their gross annual income from rental operations
    • Equipment stolen by renter (unless False Pretense has been added)

Both Policies have the following exclusions:

  • Equipment that is not production equipment
  • Equipment breakdown (wear & tear)
  • Deterioration
  • Hidden or latent defect (manufacturer’s defect)
  • Equipment intentionally afloat, submerged or underwater (unless Water Use endorsement has been added)
  • Seizure/destruction of property by order of governmental authority
  • Illegal transportation or trade
  • Illegally obtained equipment
  • Fine art repairing or restoration
  • Intentional acts/Dishonesty
  • All remote controlled aircraft while in operation
  • Drones while they are in operation (Drones are covered while they are not in operation)
  • Theft from an unlocked vehicle (unless the Theft From Vehicle coverage has been added)
  • Property which has been rented and is in transit but has not yet arrived to the policyholder
  • Coverage in any countries currently sanctioned by the US State Department
  • Loss or damage caused by dampness, dryness or extremes of temperature
  • Loss or damage caused by negligent work
  • Nuclear hazard
  • Loss or damage caused by pollutants
  • Loss or damage caused by Rust, Oxidation, Corrosion or Discoloration
  • Loss or damage caused by unauthorized transfer
  • Loss or Damage caused by War and Military Action