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False Pretense coverage (also known as voluntary parting) is meant to provide coverage for your owned equipment while it is out for rent/borrow/lease to another party, who does not return the equipment as expected.

To qualify for false pretense coverage:

  • The equipment being leased/rented/borrowed is already included in your total equipment limit.
  • There will be a written contract in place before any equipment is released to a renter/lessee/borrower. This contract will specify that the renter/lessee/borrower assumes full responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft of the equipment while it is in their possession.

Additional Information

  • The deductible for false pretense claims will be 5%  of the total loss amount with a minimum deductible of $500 and a maximum deductible of $25,000
  • The maximum False Pretense coverage you can purchase online is $50,000. If you require a higher limit, reach out to
  • We highly recommend this coverage if you are ever releasing your equipment to a third party, even if through a reputable peer-to-peer like ShareGrid or KitSplit.