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Adding a Loss Payee

  • When renting equipment from a rental house, individual, company or location, you will be required to list that party as a “Loss Payee” on your insurance policy.
  • The Loss Payee designation guarantees that if a claim is filed for their equipment while in your possession, they will be the party to which payment is remitted.
  • “Loss Payee” designation only applies to property policies (also known as Inland Marine policies) such as the Rented Equipment policy.
  • You can do list your vendor as Loss Payee by purchasing a rented equipment policy. After policy purchase, you will have access to generating certificate of insurance through your Dashboard at
  • To issue a COI, you’ll need the following information from your vendor:
    • Company Name:
    • Company Address:
    • Email Address:

Please Note: You can only list a company as Loss Payee if you have ‘Rented Equipment’ coverage added to your policy.