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How to Add Short-Term Rented Equipment Coverage

If you have annual coverage but temporarily need to increase your rented equipment limit, you can easily do so through your dashboard on

The ‘Short-Term Rented Equipment Endorsement’ allows for a temporary increase in your policy coverage. This endorsement applies for your specified duration and can go up to a maximum online limit of $750,000.

Steps to Add Short-Term Rented Equipment Coverage

  1. Log In: Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Access Your Dashboard: Navigate to your Dashboard.
  3. Add Coverage: Click on ‘Add Short-Term Rented Production Equipment’.
  4. Enter Equipment Value: Input the value of the additional rented equipment.
  5. Select Dates: Choose the pick-up and drop-off dates for the rented equipment.
  6. Submit Payment: Complete the payment process.
  7. Generate Certificate: Go back to your dashboard to generate a new Certificate of Insurance for the rental house you are working with. When generating the certificate, ensure you ‘Select Period’ and choose the short-term endorsement period.

Additional Information

  • Cancellation Policy: A short-term endorsement can only be canceled if the term hasn’t already begun.
  • Annual vs. Short-Term Coverage: If you anticipate needing to rent equipment multiple times within a year, consider comparing the pricing for annual rented equipment coverage. It might be more cost-effective.
    • To get an annual coverage quote, navigate to your dashboard, click on the link to modify policy coverage, enter your desired rented equipment limit, and submit to review the quote.
  • Generating a Certificate: When issuing a certificate, ensure you select the active period of the endorsement so the new limit appears on the Certificate of Insurance.

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