Insure My Equipment is your quick and easy portal to get coverage for production equipment.

Your main ‘Owned Equipment’ limit is separated into two sub-limits: scheduled and unscheduled limit.

The scheduled equipment limit consists of the items you own and wish to insure, which are valued above $2,000.

Your unscheduled limit is the remainder of the ‘Owned Equipment’ limit (which has not been designated to the scheduled equipment list) and it covers all items you own under $2,000 under blanket coverage.

Add, Edit or Remove Scheduled Equipment

  • Log in at and navigate to your dashboard
  • Click ‘Update Scheduled equipment List’
  • Add Items, Edit Items or Remove Items
  • The value you add or subtract from this list will be added or subtracted from your unscheduled equipment limit.
  • Click Done

Add, Edit or Remove Scheduled Equipment While Renewing

  • If you have received your renewal notification by email and you realize that the equipment is not up to date for your renewal, you will have the opportunity to adjust your scheduled equipment when completing your ‘Renewal Application’
  • To complete your Renewal Application:
    • Log in at and go to your Dashboard
    • Click the link ‘Click Here to Renew Your Policy’
    • Complete your renewal application, including the