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‘Water Use’ Coverage


While all policies include coverage for accidental water damage from events like rain, floods, or spills, coverage is limited for equipment used on boats, barges, cruises, or other water vessels, and for equipment used underwater. To ensure your gear is protected in these scenarios, you need to add ‘Water Use’ coverage.

Without this endorsement, there is no coverage for equipment on boats, barges, cruises, or other water vessels, whether it is damaged, stolen or goes overboard. Additionally, for filming underwater, your gear must be in special underwater housing, and you must have this endorsement for coverage to apply.

Adding ‘Water Use’ Coverage at Policy Purchase

For Rented Equipment

  • No Need to List Specific Equipment: Simply add the value of the equipment you wish to cover for use afloat and underwater.
  • If prompted to add gear, you can input ‘Rented Equipment’ with the total value of all rented gear you wish to cover under this endorsement.

For Owned Equipment

  • List Specific Gear: Provide details such as make, model, replacement cost, and serial number (if applicable).
  • Application Process: When asked, “Do you wish to cover your equipment for water use?”, answer yes. The additional premium will be added to your quote, and you will be prompted to schedule the equipment.

Adding ‘Water Use’ Coverage After Policy Purchase

  1. Log In: Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Access Dashboard: Navigate to your Dashboard.
  3. Modify Coverage: Click ‘Edit Policy Options or Increase Coverage’ or ‘Modify Coverage Period or Amount’.
  4. Add Coverage: Click YES to ‘Add Coverage for Equipment Use Underwater or Afloat’.
  5. List Equipment: Add every item you wish to cover under this endorsement, regardless of its value. (If it’s rented gear, you can simply input ‘Rented Gear’ with the total value and proceed.
  6. Submit and Pay: Click Submit and complete the payment process.

Additional Information

  • Coverage Value: The value of equipment you wish to cover with Water Use Coverage must be included in your policy limit.
  • Policy Limit: Your new underwater equipment limit cannot exceed your policy limit. You may need to increase your policy limit before purchasing this endorsement.
  • Underwater Housing: Must be used for underwater shoots and listed in your ‘Water Use’ Scheduled Equipment List.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This endorsement covers all causes of loss or damage while afloat or underwater, including theft, accidental damage, loss, fire, etc.
  • Specific Listing Required: To ensure coverage while afloat or submerged, each item must be explicitly listed on your ‘Water Use’ Scheduled Equipment List. There is no blanket limit for ‘Water Use’ coverage.
  • Editing or Removing Items: To edit or remove items from ‘Water Use’ coverage, contact the support team at Note that water use premiums are non-refundable, so it may be beneficial to maintain the coverage through policy expiration.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your equipment is adequately protected while in use on water or underwater.

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