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‘Water Use’ coverage is an optional endorsement that can be added on to a Rented, Owned, or Musical Instrument policy.

The endorsement will add coverage for equipment while it is being used afloat, or submerged in water.

For example: Coverage will now apply while your equipment is on a boat, barge, cruise, or any other vessel on a body of water. Coverage will also apply if your equipment is used in proper underwater housing to film footage underwater.

**Without adding this coverage, your equipment is not insured while afloat or submerged, even if the cause of damage or loss is not water related; such as theft of equipment on a cruise, or accidental damage while on a yacht.

Add ‘Water Use’ Coverage to your Policy

  • Log in to and navigate to Dashboard
  • Click ‘Edit Policy Options or Increase Coverage, OR, ‘Modify Coverage Period or Amount’
  • Click YES to ‘Add Coverage for Equipment Use Underwater or Afloat’
  • Add every item you wish to cover under this endorsement (no matter the value)
  • Click Submit and complete payment

Additional Information

  • The value of  equipment you wish to cover with the Water Use Coverage must already be included in your policy limit.
  • Your new underwater equipment limit cannot exceed your policy limit. You may have to increase your policy limit before purchasing this endorsement.
  • Underwater housing must be used for underwater shoots, and listed in your ‘Water Use’ Scheduled Equipment List
  • This coverage applies to all causes of loss or damage while afloat or underwater including theft, accidental damage, loss, fire, etc.
  • For coverage to apply while afloat or submerged, the specific item must be explicitly listed on your ‘Water Use’ Scheduled Equipment list. There is no blanket limit for ‘Water Use’ coverage.